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Accepting Your Mum-Bod

Accepting Your Mum-Bod

The Mum-bod: Why I have accepted and am rocking my post-baby body

Apart from the fortunate few, all Mamas fall victim to the 'Mum-bod' post pregnancy and the anxiety and depression that comes with it. With every ounce of extra weight that is gained, every extra inch that surrounds our once slim waistline and every stretch mark, comes a certain deflation that leaves us longing to be our former trim selves. I however have decided, after two years of attempting to exercise and diet, that our bodies never truly return to their pre-pregnancy beauty. So that is why I am rocking my post-baby body, and you should too!

So here's my little story for those of you who care to indulge. I was super trim before I fell pregnant, known for my tall, skinny and lanky look with muscular stomach and arms. My midwife always used to joke that she would have to try and feel past my tight stomach muscles to feel my little prince! After I gave birth I knew that I would look different but what I wasn't expecting is how hard it would be to reclaim my former self.

I spent about a year doing the amazing 'Davina McCall Power of Three Workout' DVD while my Mama watched over Jude. I am not a fan of 'the gym' OR dieting for that matter actually, I prefer to get all sweaty and breathless without people watching (... don't get excited now... although that is and excellent way to exercise too! But when your feeling deflated and unsexy its not really the easiest option.)

In the summer months I tried my hardest to have more salad etc but I'm such a sucker for a pastry its unreal. Unfortunately I also work with food which does not help in the slightest, especially the bakery; man I can't resist those chocolate croissants and cinnamon swirls! And if you smelled them baking freshly every day you wouldn't be able to either!

Needless to say I was making very slow progress, I had 'trimmed' marginally through breastfeeding but nothing major. It was a very trying time for me as I had never been body conscious and I suddenly felt a pang of anxiety about myself and how attractive my partner would find me. Despite him assuring me he loved me no matter what size I was and that I was beautiful the depression about my body seeped in.

I then went on to doing a 5 minute workout before I showered every other day (Or when I remembered) and spending at least half an hour to 45 minutes on my exercise bike when the little man had a nap in the afternoons when I wasn't working. I actually really started to notice the difference but it was exhausting trying to fit everything in to my busy schedule.

After I started blogging I spend most of my spare time on my friend Mac. When your spare time is after you've finished an 8 hour shift from 6am then got the small man down for a nap and made yourself something to eat before you he wakes up and you have to start cooking dinner, it is not much time at all!

So I am accepting that my body, after the amazing miracle it performed bringing my beautiful little boy into my world, will never be the same. But that is ok! I still have abs and muscular arms but I am a dress size bigger than I was previously but proud of it. My amazing body has done, and will go on to do, amazing things.

Be proud of your Mama-bod and rock it!

Rebecca writes for her own blog so check her out when you have time. Her real passion has always been for writing, she has always dreamed of journalism but then discovered the world of blogging, so after she had her son Jude, she realized her burning desire to awaken women to balancing being a moma without losing their rockin’ selves.

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Have you struggled like me with body conscious anxiety or depression? How have you reclaimed your pre baby self or have you thrown caution to the wind and accepted your rockin' Mama-bod?

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