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I couldn’t let 50 years of knowledge go to waste so I'm offering up all the gems I've learned through books, workshops, and good oL' trial & error.

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Wow life is messy…am I right? Where's the manual? I have so many life lessons I want to share with you. I write about everything I've learned from my fruitful and failed relationships, parenting my beautifully unique daughter, my divorce and dating again, and how all of these things tossed around in a bowl of love have helped me to live my truth. My hope is that by sharing my messy life experiences I can give some clarity to yours and inspire you to live your truth.

Welcome! Buckle up, keep your hands inside, and enjoy your ride! Whoohoo!

Here's how my blog works. I tell funny (and not so funny) stories about my life and you laugh because you can relate...or cry because you can relate...or scream because you can relate. 

Either way, we've sparked a connection.

My hope is that whatever your reaction may be, you will learn something transformative about yourself, your family, your kids, your relationships, or the other people around you (strangers), and you will gain a fresh perspective. Fingers-crossed, you'll gain a perspective that gets you a wee bit closer to living your truth which, I believe, will bring abundant happiness into your life.

I'm a bit of a junky when it comes to learning from and discussing the dynamics of relationships (I've had some doozies), parenting, child-development, self-improvement, women's issues, divorce, and marriage. I really like to get in there and drill down to the soft gooey center of what makes us all interconnected.

I also share the wisdom I've gained parenting my brilliant and beautiful lesbian teenage daughter Claire. Folks, it pains me to admit it but, she's taught me more in the past 16 years than I ever learned in the previous 30. And now that I'm married to the most incredible man a woman can ask for, I also have the pleasure of sharing his life with his two daughters Jenna and Alicia.

Our blended family

Our blended family

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Picking a name for my blog was the most difficult part so I grabbed the dictionary to find a word that best described my intentions for my blog. Edify means "to teach in a way that improves the mind and character". I hope my blog can help you improve your mind and character.

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I came across this quote during the most challenging time in my life, and it forever altered my future.

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