Hi! Just some stuff about why I started blogging

The definition of edify is "to teach in a way that improves the mind and character". I have learned so much in my life, and even though I'm not done learning, I want to share my findings with you. My blog is about sharing what I’ve learned to hopefully help others who may have similar challenges. My life is based in reality, now that I’m heading into my fifties. I tend to call it as I see it, thanks to my Italian heritage. Some people enjoy a "no-nonsense" kinda gal and others don’t…and I’m finally okay with that. You see, I’ve lived the majority of my life trying to please everyone from my family members to the grocery store cashier. I desperately needed validation and acceptance. Most of my life I’ve tried to be something that I’m not and I’m proud to say that is no longer my struggle! I’ve learned to finally embrace who I am.  “Do what you feel in your heart is right…for you will always be judged”, Eleanor Roosevelt.

I’ve been known to say “I should write a book!” after every challenging experience. While exhausting and tedious, each challenge has taught me so much. For years I considered myself a slow-learner. But recently, I’ve found that many people are just like me and have had a tough time “figuring it out”. “IT”…meaning LIFE. I research just about everything because I prefer to make decisions based on knowledge. This knowledge has made me more confident and more comfortable in my own skin. That’s the goal right?

I want to share my findings with others. The basic goal of my blog is to share my life struggles, tell you what I’ve learned and how I’ve grown, in the hopes others reading my blog, will benefit.

My childhood was very challenging. But even if yours wasn’t, there is a lot to be learned from one’s beginnings. I’ve watched a lot of Oprah shows and I’ve read a lot of books. I’ve also had my fair share of counseling and all of these things have proven to be very helpful. We all have personal struggles. It’s what we learn from those struggles that shape our sensibilities as we move through life.

Educating yourself by asking questions, reading books (and maybe my blog), and talking to other people can potentially help sort out the conflicts in your life.The key is to gather information, determine what you think might work, then actually put it into action.

“An unexamined life is not worth living” (Socrates). Yes, I’m guilty! I tend to analyze and over-analyze, but that has helped me understand many important things that I can now share with you. Ask me questions and I will do my best to answer them as soon as I can. It may take me a while because I may have to do some research before I can reply with a sensible answer.

Join me in this journey of examining our lives in order to help teach each other in a way that improves our mind and character.

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