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Things I Want In A Life Partner

I think it's important to know what qualities you want in a person you are going to spend your life with right? When you really think about it, that means every day, day in and day out...for 50 + years. Geez, that's a lot of life to live with someone who doesn't embody qualities you love, respect and admire.

Who Cleans The Toilet?

I hope you're talking about these things BEFORE you get married. These are real life things that can cause resentment in a relationship if people go into it with unfulfilled expectations. I encourage people who are either newly married or planning their wedding day to get into the discussion of “who will clean the toilets…?” and load the dishwasher, and mop the floors, and pay the bills, and chauffer the kids, etc. 

The Five Love Languages

I'm not sure when would be an optimal time to learn about love and what we need in order to feel loved in any relationship. This is a little story of how I wish I would have know about the five love languages well before I got married. It probably would have altered my choice.

Dating After Divorce

This post is about my dating journey after my divorce and everything I learned along the way. And truth be told I learned a lot...about myself and why my relationships were always such a struggle.