5 Love Languages of Teenagers - Acts of Service

"True greatness is expressed in serving. Acts of service freely given from parents to teenagers are true expressions of emotional love", says Dr. Chapman in his book The Five Love Languages for Teenagers. This post is about how parenting is all about acts of service. How we serve them can have a lasting effect on our kids during their teen years and beyond.

5 Love Languages of Teenagers - Quality Time

It's so hard to find time with our teenagers being so busy. If they're driving, that's less time spent together. They have friends they want to hang out with now, school activities and possibly a job. We have to plan those moments and really key into them to show them how much we care.

The Squatty Potty Saved My Butt

Let's talk shit about poop! Many people have toilet issues so let's have an open conversation about it! The problems some people have, and one solution that has helped my toilet issues become a thing of the past.

I'm Not Raising A "Good" Kid

Have you ever said to your son or daughter "Be a good boy (or girl)"? I remember a few nuggets like these from my parents, also "Children should be seen and not heard". Do you agree with these concepts?

Is Your Child Bullied?

What do you do when you know your child is getting bullied? As parents, we feel helpless. Sometimes we feel all we can do is support them, teach them how to defend themselves and hope for the best. Warning: this story is NOT about tolerance and turning the other cheek.

Things I Want In A Life Partner

I think it's important to know what qualities you want in a person you are going to spend your life with right? When you really think about it, that means every day, day in and day out...for 50 + years. Geez, that's a lot of life to live with someone who doesn't embody qualities you love, respect and admire.

Who Cleans The Toilet?

I hope you're talking about these things BEFORE you get married. These are real life things that can cause resentment in a relationship if people go into it with unfulfilled expectations. I encourage people who are either newly married or planning their wedding day to get into the discussion of “who will clean the toilets…?” and load the dishwasher, and mop the floors, and pay the bills, and chauffer the kids, etc. 

Should I Medicate My Child for Depression?

My experience with my daughter's depression. I was hell-bent on not medicating her. I was refusing her treatment for what I would eventually find out is a serious illness and could have cost me her life. Read our story and decide what is best for you and your child.

Why It's Okay To Spend Time Alone

Are you afraid to ask for some time to yourself? Do you feel you have to constantly care for your family or it may appear you don't care about them? This post will help you find moments throughout your day when you can take some time for yourself. You may even work up the nerve to ask your family for a much-needed day off.

Finding Your Child's Passion

I've spent most of her life trying to help my daughter find her passion. She went from art classes to ballet classes to soccer and horse riding and nothing ever kept her interest. Until she found something that shocked me!

Children and Chores

This post is about why doing house chores helps children become more successful in their future. Chores are a way to bring your family together and create much needed bonding time with your children. Chores encourage independence, confidence, and teach life-long skills.

Overcoming Depression and Anxiety

Guest Blogger Bonnie McConaughy writes about her battle with depression and anxiety that started when she was a child. Her passion for becoming a writer helped her through the difficult times and she found the strength to fulfill and live her dreams.

A Guide to Coming Out

"Coming Out" - a sort of 'How to' guide from a teen for teens (and preteens) and heck anyone who is realizing they are attracted to their same gender. My lesbian daughter Claire shares her experiences and gives advice on how to finally be free by telling everyone you're a lesbian, gay or bisexual.

Huggy My Special Sleep Pillow

Yes, I’m an adult and I sleep with a special body pillow affectionately known as “Huggy”. When I was pregnant I had to sleep with a pillow between my legs in order to sleep comfortably. After I gave birth, I continued to use this pillow because it's so darn comfortable. For some unknown reason my then-husband (now my ex) had an issue with it. What's up with that?

My Infertility Problems

This post is about why I only have one child. It wasn't a difficult decision once I analyzed all of the factors surrounding having more children. There was a lot of pressure but I had to do what was best for me.

Accepting Your Mum-Bod

Author Rebecca from Rock and Roses Mama talks about her struggle with her new mum-bod. We can all empathize with the ever changing body, mind and soul of motherhood. Read about her journey and her revelations along the way.