The Five Love Languages

I'm not sure when would be an optimal time to learn about love and what we need in order to feel loved in any relationship. This is a little story of how I wish I would have know about the five love languages well before I got married. It probably would have altered my choice.

Parenting Tweens and Teens

There is no "rule book" for parenting kids of any age but as the mom of a teenager, I've learned a few things and I feel compelled to share. I'm certainly no expert but maybe I'm doing something right because on a regular basis, parents/school faculty will tell me how impressed they are with my daughter. No this is not a bragging "my-kid-is-wonderful" post.

Parenting Gifts

Oh the many gifts we receive as parents. I thought I was teaching her but I soon realized she was teaching me as well. These are 4 influential things I've learned so far...and she's only 16.

Why Being A Mom Sucks

Ugh! I have a headache. But we must keep moving because for moms, there's no time to be sick. No one warned me about how difficult it is to be a mom. Motherhood wasn't instinctual for me and I was embarrassed to admit it. I'm ready to be honest about motherhood.

What's Your Story?

My blog is about sharing my funny and not-so-funny stories to hopefully inspire readers to start living their truth. Do you have an inspirational story you'd like to share? Drop me a note here and we can discuss your guest post, timing, and all that good stuff.

Why I Took Away Naptime

Sharing my struggles as a new mom, one of which was getting my child to sleep and especially nap. I tried EVERYTHING! Nothing worked. I was driving myself crazy. Here's what I did...

What are Boundaries?

Boundaries are like fences with gates. The fence keeps the bad out and the gate lets the good in. I had no idea how much my lack of boundaries would effect my life. Here's what I learned that helped me take control of my life.

My Angry Lesbian

My daughter "came out" when she was 13 and she struggled with so many things. This is the story of my struggle as a parent and her struggle as an adolescent as we both try to understand this new world.

Dating After Divorce

This post is about my dating journey after my divorce and everything I learned along the way. And truth be told I learned a lot...about myself and why my relationships were always such a struggle.